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I’m Nikki Takahashi, a brand designer and strategist who has helped over 300 entrepreneurs embrace and amplify what makes them unique. Since 2009, my agency Fetching Finn Inc. has been getting clients noticed in person, online, and in print by highlighting their magnetic and unforgettable qualities.

With a gentle nudge of permission from me and my guests, I’m confident you’ll be eager to put your unexpressed self aside and finally show the world what makes you – and doing business with you – completely different.

Get ready to feel incredibly confident and excited about “brand you”.

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Create a mindset that you love with Claudine Chicheportiche

Episode 005

Claudine Chicheportiche is an industry thought leader and disruptor in high performance mindset and emotional intelligence. She coaches mindset, performance, and fulfillment to leaders in government, to entrepreneurs, and to elite athletes at National, World, and Olympic level.

Claudine guides leaders and athletes who strive to win, succeed, and achieve, yet secretly yearn for more meaning and inner peace. She empowers them to create a mindset that they love, so they feel deeply fulfilled on their quest for achievement and greatness.

A masterful storyteller with a unique tapestry of experiences, Claudine leads us from the dojo to the jungle, from alleviating poverty to attempting to qualify for the Rio Olympics. She has perfected the art of the Square Peg Entrepreneur by taking chances and chasing audacious goals. Listeners will be inspired and fired up after tuning in to this episode!


Claudine’s website: https://claudinechi.com/high-performance-mindset

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/claudine-chicheportiche
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/claudiec